tsaw drone delivery

The future of logistics is here

Introducing Drones for Logistics.

End to end intelligent technology stack including GCS Smart GCS, UTM & A.I assisted Smart Fleet Health Management to deliver all kinds of loads.


reducing expence by directly impacting the cost of warehousing and transportation, by 83%


Increasing speed of transportation. Deliveries are just clicks away


Automatic path planning, Airspace Management, Obstacle avoidance and much more in a single platform

We have intelligent
built-in drone technology stack which makes our drone more safe and reliable for long range operations..

Our Drone Cloud Intelligent System (DCIS) have been trained with data from over 500+ BVLOS flight in different terrains and environments. Essential services are build on DCIS stack.

UTM, UAV Traffic Management

Our UTM serves in two ways, viz., public awareness of Drones in airspace and providing service to a Drone from path planning & filing with DGCA to real time track of weather & traffic.

Smart GCS

Our GCS enables path planning, and real time command & control over cloud using 4G. Single pickup multiple deliveries

Fleet Health Management

Real time automated health & maintainence schedule track for drones & components, enabling them to be serviced on time & maximise flight duration.


Some usecases of our drone

Our drones are near to level-4 automation, and we are moving towards achieving level-5 automation. These drones are extremely intelligent and have found their usecases across verticals.


Most Versatile Drone
usecase across all

Our Drones are designed & tested for BVLOS logistics operations. With intelligent cloud system, our Drones evolve with each flight. They are inbuilt with multiple failsafe options and early warning systems.

24X7 operational capability

Legal compliance support & Airspace integration

Tailor made usecase

Intelligent Weather & terrain

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