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TSAW is a drone tech company that is pioneering the future of advanced air mobility with innovative hardware and software solutions. We are committed to developing and deploying safe, efficient, and sustainable drone solutions for a variety of industries, including logistics, agriculture, and surveillance. Our team of experienced engineers is at the forefront of hardware and software development for advanced air mobility.

We are constantly innovating to create new and improved ways to fly drones safely and efficiently. Our drones are powered by our proprietary Drone Cloud Intelligence System (DCIS), a cloud-based autopilot that offers automatic path planning, drone traffic deconfliction, and predictive health management & recovery. This makes our drones the most intelligent and reliable on the market. TSAW is leading the way in the development of advanced air mobility. We are working with businesses around the world to create a future where drones are used to transport people and goods safely and efficiently. We believe that drone technology has the potential to revolutionize the way we live and work. We are committed to making drone technology accessible and affordable for everyone.
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Meet our Founders
Kishan Tiwari is the Founder & CEO, TSAW Drones fo TSAW drones.
"Teamwork begins by building trust"

Founder of TSAW Drones, driving transformative changes in aerial mobility. Passionate about technology and robotics. Former Student President of AeroClub and Robotics Club at MNNIT Allahabad

Kishan TiwariFounder & CEO, TSAW Drones
Rimanshu Pandey is the Founder & CTO, TSAW Drones fo TSAW drones.
"Success is a staircase to the door"

As Founder and CTO of TSAW Drones, Rimanshu is deeply passionate about leveraging innovation to transform lives. With a focus on simplicity, he envisions automating drones and their operations

Rimanshu PandeyFounder & CTO, TSAW Drones
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TSAW crew with Maruthi 3.1, Drone delivery service, the fastest and most convenient way to get your packages.
Ground operations at TSAW, Indian drone company, committed to using drone technology to improve the lives of people around the world.
TSAW drone manufacturer in India, Maintainence workshop by TSAW, leading the way in the development of advanced air mobility solutions.
Flight test for Adarna Mini by TSAW staff, TSAW drone tech company, developing cutting-edge technologies to power the future of logistics, delivery, and more.
Workshop at TSAW, TSAW drone manufacturer in India, leading the way in the development of drone logistics solutions.
Training at TSAW, Advanced air mobility for logistics, delivery, and more.

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