Drone Cloud Intelligence System

Looking for a powerful solution to manage your fleet of drones? Meet DCIS (Drone Cloud Intelligence System), a web-based software that provides real-time tracking and monitoring for multiple drones simultaneously. With advanced algorithms and cloud-based technology, DCIS is the ultimate tool for enhancing the safety and efficiency of your drone operations.


Remote Control

Send commands to the drone via 4G and fly it remotely from anywhere

Real-time Tracking

Track your drones' location and vitals in real-time

Smart Mission Planning

Quickly plan and execute missions. Supercharge your pilots and fly more routes

Fleet Management

Smart analytics and route planning for your entire fleet

How it works


Plan a mission

DCIS allows users to plan custom drone missions using mapping tools. This includes selecting waypoints and setting altitude and speed parameters. Weather and airspace data are also provided to ensure safe and efficient missions.


Select a drone & add mission

Users can add drones by filling in technical details and assign them to specific missions or projects. DCIS allows users to manage their fleet of drones and track maintenance schedules and firmware updates.


Track your drone in real-time

DCIS provides a map view that allows users to track their drone's current location, altitude, speed, and battery level in real-time. Geofencing and alert parameters can be set to ensure safe and efficient missions. Flight logs and analytics are also available to improve future missions.


Detailed logs and analytics for every mission

DCIS provides detailed logs and analytics for every mission. This includes flight time, distance, altitude, speed, and battery level. Users can also view a map of the flight path and a 3D path of the mission.



The easiest and most efficient way to manage your fleet of drones.

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