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TSAW's establishment depends on the standards of coordinated effort and creation with long haul objectives in sight. The errands are not straightforward and the clock is ticking as of now. With numerous players as of now in the part, it will be a long and hard assignment, be that as it may, we accept with our exceptionally determined and serious group, it wouldn't be some time before we accomplish every one of our objectives, empowering humankind to flourish without any problem.

Journey so far

  • 2018

    Our humble Beginnings

    Founded by a bunch of technocrats from MNNIT Allahabad who wished to transform humanity through their drones.

  • 2019

    A Transforming Idea

    Started with concepts of TSAW clubs in which we worked with educational institutions. Workshops were held for drone enthusiasts and clubs were formed as well

  • May,2020

    Transition to Full Service

    Covid gave us the first ice break to take our concept into the commercial phase

  • 2020

    Towards Our Vision

    Our end vision is to enter into manufacturing into drones

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So, what’s our Story?

We are a team of engineers who started off from collegiate Aeromodelling & Robotics Club of NIT Allahabad (formerly MNREC), experimenting and gaining hands-on experience with a number of projects as teammates or leaders.

We were trying to connect the internal innovative college projects to tackle real life industrial problems, along with providing technical training & workshops to school & private college students to enhance technical knowledge among them. We initiated multiple projects such as TMV (Vehicle Capable to be maneuvered in air & water), Air Ambulance etc that lead to the startup.
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The Vision We Have

With a vision to impact humanity by automating & securing human lives on the planet we are targeting on providing assistance to on-ground security personnel & local administration to enforce law & order besides securing sensitive places. This way we aim at automating & enhancing all the processes with minimum human interference in the loop. In the long run, we hope to enable every delivery at macro & micro level aerially by automating the entire procedure, thereby reducing the time & cost per kilometer per kilogram. Read More


What our Technology is pointed at:

We are working on a series of products in Security, Agriculture & Logistics, all thanks to the technology of completely autonomous drones with inbuilt obstacle avoidance & other advanced features that make it possible to communicate over radio, mobile & satellite network. These drones can be controlled & commanded from a centralised control unit using a web based UI over a completely secure & encrypted network. This enabled piece of technology will revolutionise the current infrastructure of mapping and surveying besides automating security and crowd monitoring.

Moreover, drone models can be used in all seasons and in any media, be it air or water. The blades and wings have the capability of morphing that helps the vehicles to be operated and optimized according to the medium density. We are also working on a Structural battery, that mimics a human body to store energy at the same time working as a load bearing component.
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Meet Our Team

Kishan Tiwari


Ankesh Singh


Rimanshu Pandey


Yashasvi Mishra


Sanjeev Mishra


Aniket Kumar


Bhaskar Nath