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Payload Dropping Mechanism for Logistic Drones

This challenge calls for the design and development of an innovative payload-dropping mechanism using a winch system for drones. The mechanism sho...

Enhancing High Altitude High Lift Capabilities of Drones

The challenge addresses the need for drones capable of high-altitude operations with enhanced lift capabilities. High-altitude applications like a...

Integration of Automation and Robotics for Enhanced Drone Performance

This challenge emphasizes the integration of automation and robotics to enhance drone capabilities and performance. Participants are required to d...

Autonomous Drone-in-the-Box for Seamless Deployment and Retrieval

The challenge focuses on developing an efficient infrastructure that enables seamless deployment and retrieval of drones from designated stations ...

Optimizing Take-off and Landing for Catapult Drones

The challenge focuses on improving the take-off and landing capabilities of drones equipped with catapult launch systems. Catapults offer a rapid ...


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Most Versatile Drone usecase across all weather

Our Drones are designed & tested for BVLOS logistics operations. With intelligent cloud system, our Drones evolve with each flight. They are inbuilt with multiple failsafe options and early warning systems.