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Auto pilot for your Drone!

HyperPilot revolutionizes the drone industry with its advanced 4G-enabled module that serves as a game-changing solution for streamlined communications and fleet management. Specifically designed to attach to drones, this innovative module acts as a crucial connecting layer bridging the gap between the central software and the hardware layer of your drone. By leveraging its critical software, HyperPilot empowers users with precise control over their drone fleet while facilitating secure and efficient data transmission. Whether it's real-time flight telemetry, remote control commands, or fleet synchronization, HyperPilot ensures seamless operation and enhances situational awareness, opening up new possibilities for professional drone pilots and organizations alike.


Just Connect & Go  

Connect the board with your Flight Controller directly. Works on the Open Source MAVLink Protocol

Integrates with


Auto Flights

Just build flight paths and the drone will follow accordingly

Connects to DCIS

Easily build and manage missions for your drone

4G Connected

Comes with 4G module for low latency connections

Plug n Play

Easily connect into your system. We inegrate with a wide variety of drones

Super features

HyperPilot is an advanced PCB board that seamlessly connects to any flight controller for drones, allowing for automated drone operations. With its cutting-edge technology, HyperPilot simplifies drone management and enhances the efficiency of drone missions.


Multi RC

With Multi RC technology, multiple remote controllers can be used to control a single drone. This allows for multiple pilots to operate the drone simultaneously, providing increased control and flexibility in complex operations such as filming, mapping, search and rescue missions.


QR Landing

QR Landing is a technology that enables drones to locate a QR code on the ground and use it for precise landing. By analyzing the QR code's pattern, the drone can determine its location and adjust its position and altitude accordingly, ensuring accurate and safe landings in various environments.


Intelligent Routing

Intelligent Routing is a feature that enables drones to autonomously plan and execute missions using AI algorithms. The system takes into account factors such as airspace regulations, weather conditions and potential obstacles to create a safe and efficient flight path. This helps the drone reach its destination while avoiding any rule-breaking policies and collisions with other objects or aircraft.


Safety is priority!

In drone technology, safety is a top priority. To ensure safe operations, drones are designed to perform self-diagnostic checks on critical components such as the battery, motors, and sensors before takeoff. The drone will only fly when it confirms that all parts are in good health, reducing the risk of malfunctions and accidents during flight.


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