We believe in worker’s safety, cost-cutting, and time-saving
during the mining process.
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“ Drone use in construction & mining could become $28.3 billion global markets.”
Business Insider

“ Among, M&M (Metals & Mining) companies: 69% are looking to introduce remote operations of some kind, with 27% looking at using unmanned drones shortly. ”

“Digitization could add USD 425 billion of incremental value by 2025 in M&M”
World Economic Forum

Reduction in surveying cost when compared to traditional methods
Times faster
100 %
safe surveying operations on site
Does the following resonates you?
1. Worrying about topographers conducting time-consuming, risky and expensive surveys with survey instruments
2. Looking for dramatically improved accuracy of the mine’s stockpile volume calculations at much cheaper price.
3. Realizing stopes (underground) are simply too risky for anyone to be even near one.
Services we provide
» Equipment and infrastructure survey

» Drilling and Blasting

» Tailings Dam Management

» Volumetric Analysis of Stockpile

» Visual Monitoring of Operations to Optimise Cost

» Pre-Mining survey

» Haulage Road Optimisation

» Our technical deliverables include: Orthomosaic maps,
   DTM, 3D point cloud as well as 3D textured mesh.

Challenges of mining indsutry
→ Dangerous and hazardous inspection

→ Time consuming surveying and mapping

→ Stockpile analysis is much difficult

→ Road optimization is much tougher

→ Tailings Dam management requires manual inspection

→ Less accurate geospatial data

→ Less accurate measurements

→ Less safety of labour
Benefits of Drones
→ Easier and less dangerous inspection

→ Automatic surveying and mapping

→ Easier Stockpile Analysis

→ Haulage road optimisation

→ Easier Tailings dam management

→ Accurate geospatial data

→ Highly accurate measurements

→ Overall improved safety
Our service offering

Pre mining survey

Equipment and infrastructure Survey

Drilling and blasting

Tailings dam management

Digital Terrain Model(DTM)

Orthomosaic Map

Volumetric Analysis of stockpile

Haulage road Optimisation