The main difficulty in the inspection process has been the lack of automation, scalability and repeatability resulting in a complete delay in customer reporting, sometimes taking months with very limited actionable information.

Benefits of using Drones in the Railrod Industry
Time Saving
High Resolution Data

Where can the Drones be used in Railroad Industry?
→ Bridges and structures
→ Survey
→ Critical infrastructure
→ Passanger / freight facilities
→ Program management
→ Locomotive maint and repair
→ Yard track/roadbed design
New Track Construction ←
Track rehabilitation ←
Inspection ←
Passanger / freight facilities ←
Surfacing and tie production ←
Grade crossing and warning ←
Device installation ←
Emergency Response / repair ←
Traffic Control ←
→ Track Inspection
→ Preventative Maintenance
→ Railcar Repair
→ Derail Repair
→ Track Remediation