TSAW believes in delivering value throughout the entire solar plant life cycle.
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Services we provide
Planning phase
Aerial Topographical Surveying of the Area
Construction phase
As Built Surveying
Operation and
Management Phase
Visual and Thermal inspection of solar panels
Sample Report for Thermal Inspection
Challenges of solar industries
• Intensive Manual Inspection

• Hazardous many-hours

• Hectic site-surveying

• Higher Inspection time

• Higher cost

• Less detailed data

• Harder inspection of extra utilities like Utility lines, Towers etc.
Benefits of Drones
• Reduced manual inspections

• No more painstaking process of inspecting thousands of panels by hand.

• Less hectic site-surveying. It can be done from the comfort of one’s home.

• Inspection time is reduced

• Lesser cost

• Better data

• Easier inspection of extra utilities like Utility lines, Fencing, Towers
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Aerial Topographical



As Built Surveying

Visual and Thermal Inspection of Solar panels

Extra utilities

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