TSAW UTM is a real-time or near real-time interface between key stakeholders of the UTM ecosystem.It allows unmanned aircraft owners and remote pilots to register, seek permissions and communicate with other stakeholders as required. In addition to providing basic services, TSAW UTM may also provide industry-specific niche functionality as value addition. TSAW UTM aggregates different types of information such as flight intents and real-time location of manned and unmanned aircraft for separating an unmanned aircraft from other manned and unmanned aircraft. It will share information with the DigitalSky Platform as and when required.

Since it is envisioned that India shall have multiple UTM service providers, TSAW UTM will be creating an interface where data from many UTM providers are combined and displayed in a single window. It will be dealing with all stages that occur during a flight from flight planning to approval from DGCA to real time flight health monitoring all handled from a single place.

TSAW UTM scopes and objectives

TSAW UTM systems are envisioned to enable safe and complex operations in the UTM Airspace. It will assist in achieving the following objectives:

  • Allow identified stakeholders to seamlessly communicate with each other
  • Assist in separating unmanned aircraft from other manned and unmanned aircraft
  • Get flight information of each drone flying in the airspace
  • Create an autonomous path planning, collision avoidance system

TSAW UTM Stakeholders

TSAW UTM involves various stakeholders during each flight. Some stakeholders are:

  1. TSAW: TSAW is the technology provider that would assist various stakeholders to meet the operational requirements for enabling safe and efficient use of airspace, through the provision of UTM services. Further, TSAW shall aid remote pilots to seek permissions, manage UAS operations and access UTM services. They are primarily responsible for segregating, separating and managing unmanned aircraft traffic in the airspace allocated to them.

  2. DGCA: The Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) is the regulatory body in the field of civil aviation primarily dealing with safety issues. It is responsible for regulations, air safety and airworthiness standards. It also coordinates all regulatory functions with the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO). The DGCA owns the DigitalSky Platform being developed under the aegis of the Ministry of Civil Aviation, Government of India.

  3. Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Manufacturers: UAS manufacturers are entities which are manufacturing and maintaining a UAS. They will be responsible for integrating hardware/software required for enabling UTM technology in their UAS.

  4. Remote pilot: The remote pilot is an individual charged by the operator with duties essential to the operation of an unmanned aircraft and who manipulates the flight controls, as appropriate, during flight time. The remote pilot is the primary person responsible for the safe conduct of each unmanned aircraft flight and will be using TSAW UTM for flight planning and exchange of information with the DigitalSky Platform.

  5. General Public: TSAW UTM will make specific information as determined by the Central Government available to the general public on a need-to-know basis. The general public will be using TSAW UTM to access such data and report issues in case they may suspect that a particular unmanned aircraft may not be flying as per the regulations or may be breaching their privacy or to get info about any UAS flight route

How to Use TSAW UTM

TSAW UTM provides various methods to share drone data with the UTM. If you are looking to just plug and share data then we provide our Raspberry Pi having all required software installed, just plug the Pi with your hardware and start sharing data. We have other options like Basic level integration where you can share data from mission planner directly to our platform or you use our Advance level integration if you are looking for custom solutions.

Registering your drone at TSAW UTM -

  • Step 1: Login at TSAW portal
  • Step 2: Click on Register Drone button
  • Step 3: Fill all details mentioned in the form
  • Step 4: Your drone is registered successfully with TSAW UTM

Integrating with TSAW Pi -

  • Step 1: After registering your drone with TSAW. Raise a request for TSAW Raspberry Pi from here(dummy link)
  • Step 2: Connect Pi at TELM2 Port pin on your Pixhawk(currently we support only pixhawk hardware. To share data from other hardwares please check our basic level or advance level integration).
  • Step 3: After connecting with pin, from mission planner set following parameter value:
    Protocol type: mavlink2
    BAUD Rate: 57600

Basic level integration -

In basic level integration we allow users to share their drone data directly from mission planner to our portal. To implement basic level integration follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Click on your registered drone
  • Step 2: Select basic level integration from the dropdown and click continue button.
  • Step 3: Note down the IP address and port. We will be entering this in mission planner
  • Step 4: Open mission planner and connect your drone
  • Step 5: Press Ctrl + F to open hidden and click on mavlink button
  • Step 6: Select following configuration in the dropdowns and click submit
  • Step 7: Enter the IP Address you received from TSAW UTM portal
  • Step 8: Enter the Port you received from TSAW UTM and click connect
  • Step 9: Now check on TSAW UTM. If your drone is connected your screen will appear like this

  • If you are facing any issues during any of the steps. Contact us at

Advanced level integration -

In advanced level integration we allow users to share their drone data with us through our API. Follow these steps to integrate your drone with our UTM.

  • Step 1: Click on your registered drone
  • Step 2: Select advanced level integration from the dropdown and click continue button.
  • Step 3: Note the username and password. You will using this username and password for authentication purpose while sharing data with us
  • Step 4: Read our developer’s API to know more about sending data to us

Support Desk

Because TSAW makes the Drone, the GCS and many applications, TSAW products are truly integrated systems. With TSAW Support most of your issues can be resolved in single call within 24 hours of request.

Feel free to ask a question at

Support includes:
  • * Responding to questions or problems regarding UTM, TSAW Raspberry Pi and Smart GCS
  • * Fixing bugs and reported issues
  • * Providing updates to ensure compatibility with new software versions
Support does not include:
  • * Hardware support for other manufacturers drone.
  • * Support for third party software
Before seeking support, please...
  • * Make sure your question is a valid issue .
  • * Make sure you have read through the documentation and any related guides before asking support on how to accomplish a task.
  • * Make sure to double check the TSAW UTM FAQs.
  • * Don't send multiple request for same issue. We will connect with you within 24 hours of your request

Copyright and license

All copyright for UTM Services is reserved with TSAW.

For more information about copyright and license check